Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.”


I used to listen to a podcast called “Every Day is Saturday” in which Sam Crowley provided inspiration and motivation in reminding his listeners that our time is now, enjoying the time we have and knowing it can be experienced as the feelings we get on our Saturdays. So many of us look forward to our Saturdays in which this is the time we have set a part as relaxing, or special, or “our time”. There are certain feelings we get when we live a Saturday. Crowley inspires us to make every day like this.

So often when our family goes on a vacation in Lumpy we are viewed as lucky to have the time to do it or the finances to make it happen. More often than not we hear from people that we are living their dream. Our response to them is always “you can do it too.” We are clear in trying to make them understand that this is how we have chosen to spend our time and our money. Where as others do it in different ways, we spend it on overlanding. It takes an internal hard look into ourselves to understand that what we dream about can actually happen. Of course it has a lot to do with planning and motivation but it can happen. We live like Saturdays are every day, not just when we are overlanding.

It is what Crowley asks his viewers every time. Instead of spending days stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and not sure of your next step, what if you could step into a place that generates energy and momentum?

Mindset helps immensely. If there is a will in your heart and soul, there is a way. This will in turn affect your mind. So whatever your “Everyday is Saturday” looks like, go make it happen. Step into that place that generates energy and momentum.

The Chairs and other things, by Sephine

Hi my name Sephine Stringer and I am going to talk about what I like about camping and what are some things I don’t like about it. My least favorite thing to do is the chairs. They are not very fun to do but my parents even my sisters (especially Jilly) tell me to do them. What I like about camping is that I’m with my family and we have fun together but sometimes me and my sister Jilly don’t get along with each other much. I also like it because we have our own jobs, like I have to do the chairs. Jilly helps my mom make dinner sometimes she does nothing. Kora does the tents with my dad, and my dog just runs around or sit somewhere and look cute. The thing I don’t like my dog (Trip) taking my blankets when I am sleeping and I get cold. The last thing is that I have fun camping and that there are things I love about it.

those good vibrations

When we travel, we always say “what if we had this? what if we had that?” But in reality, we don’t need most of the things we think we “need.” I think I would prefer having a little to a lot because having too much doesn’t make you better, it makes you overwhelmed.

Having a positive mindset while traveling is always a plus because when something doesn’t turn out the way you want it, you need to keep an open mind. When traveling the way we do, it gets hectic sometimes, as you can imagine, arguments happen pretty much everyday. But, we always end up agreeing and it ends up being the best choice.

If I had a choice, I would choose Overlanding over any other way of travel. It’s so beautiful when you offroad, and you enjoy the journey to your destination. The journey is probably the thing we remember the most about our travels. We are always saying “Remember that time in Lumpy?”

Traveling this way definitely brings us closer as a family, so I am very excited for the many adventures ahead!


Camping is in'tents'

Camping, probably the 2nd most important priority of overlanding. People probably don’t think this to be that big of a deal, you just set up a tent and make a fire and BAM! its the next morning and you are ready to get back on the dirt roads.

See, now this is where I come in. since I can’t drive yet I’m the one setting up the roof top tents. When we first got the tents, it took maybe 20 minutes to set up because I wasn’t super familiar of the set up. But now it takes about 7 minutes. Camping is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, you do so much and you probably don’t even know it. It’s not just about who can get to sleep earlier or setting a time for bed, it’s about hanging out with family and friends and spending quality time with each other. We always have the best dinners.

I don’t know if it’s just me or does food taste better when you’re camping? You also don’t have to worry about waking up early for school. You can enjoy the views you have when you set up whether it be a beautiful crystal clear ocean with a perfect swell or a deep green forest that has the sweet smell of blooming flowers.

Remember to keep your mind on the small things in life.



Of course it has been said many times and I repeat it in my own mind over and over “live in the moment.” I don’t think I have an issue with this, especially having surfed for more than 30 years, waiting for that perfect day and wave in paradise-it is all that leads up to that- planning, saving, time away for such a long period of time, focus and commitment.

The day or days do come and I try to max out on taking it all in.

But for me even in those “live in the moment” moments, I can’t help but think of what’s next. Never too early to start the next dream or adventure. Early prep for what’s next is very important. What’s next doesn’t get in the way of the moment but only leads into many more.

Life is short don’t let it pass you by, live for now but keep the adventures going.




Hi, my name is Sephine. And yes I'm the one who made the cactus and I'm going to tell you how I had that idea. I thought that it would be fun because I didn’t really have any thing to do so I got  this booklet out that we keep in the side door of the truck. My dad got us a few different booklets but this one is about plants you can eat. I thought it would be fun to find a plant that is edible to eat and so I found a cactus in the book and in the desert where we were.

I went for a walk found some cactus near me and cut I a piece off. It is called a Paddle Cactus. After I did that I took the prickly pieces off with some tweezers. That took me about an hour. Then my mom took off the skin and I decided to cook it. We tried it raw and it tasted kind of like a kiwi and a green bean mixed. I sliced it up. When it was cooking in a pan with some olive oil I put seasoning on it to make it a little flavorful. Salt and pepper. After I did all of that stuff me and my family had it with dinner. When I was eating it I thought it tasted like it didn't have a lot of flavor but it still did had a little flavor. It was so amazing that I did this. So if you decide to make cactus, make sure you put seasoning on it

Adventure Some?

The word adventuresome is the part of the whole of the word adventurous. Some is a part of the whole.  

When it comes to adventure, we all have had some, planning to have some, look forward to having some. It looks different for all of us of course. But we can all probably speak to what adventure looks like to us.

If we go to the root word adventure, what is that? The word adventure means broadly, “an exciting or remarkable experience.” So why do we, as humans, seek out adventure? What it the dynamic pull towards this need to experience these adventurous feelings in our lives?

Helen Keller is quoted for saying “life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” For someone in her circumstance to say something as powerful as this, it gives the true meaning of the need for this attribute of adventure in our lives. With risk and excitement, which are both wrapped in the word adventure, come reward. We experience heightened senses, our heart beats in anticipation, we detach from needless day to day worry. We are living.

We all want some of that adventure. So get out there and get some. Adventure some more.